Frequently asked questions

Thank you for your interest in our cottages! We are happy to answer all your questions in our FAQ.

What’s included and what to bring

Yes, we offer unlimited high speed wifi at no charge in all our cottages.

It is not necessary, because the water in the cottage is of good quality and potable.

Yes, wood for the indoor and outdoor fireplaces is not provided in the cottages. Two BMR are located near the cottage. They can also provide you with a mix of ecological wood or natural logs or kindling.

Also possible to have it delivered.

BMR : 1643 Chem. du Village, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard (819-714-0065)

BMR : 304 Rue Principale, Saint-Sauveur (450-227-2649)

Here are the elements that are not provided in the cottages:

  • Fireplace wood
  • Keurig coffee capsules
  • Paper towels
  • Aluminum foil and Saran wrap
  • Beach towels
  • Bedding for couches
  • Your food (including spices, oils and condiments)
  • Fondue or raclette kit
  • Body soap and hair products
  • Your access to your Netflix, Disney, Crave or other accounts
  • Board games
  • High chairs for babies
  • Life jackets for babies and children.


If you forget something, no worries, the village is only a few minutes away from the cottages!

Boats and gas-powered boats are not allowed, as the lakes surrounding our cottages are eco-friendly. However, electric motors are tolerated. Before putting your own boat in the water, you must clean it according to the protocol of the Ministère de l’Environnement.

To learn more about the facilities and amenities provided in each cottage, visit the page of the cottage that interests you.

Location of the cottages

Our cottages are all located in the Saint-Sauveur area, near Morin-Heights. We are located about 55 minutes from Montreal and Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport and about 90 minutes from Ottawa.

The cottages are all lakeside in beautiful private estates in the heart of nature and the Laurentides mountain range!

Yes, the village of Morin-Heights is only a few minutes away from the cottages. You will find: an IGA grocery store (which can deliver directly to the cottage), a pizzeria/Vaillancourt market, an SAQ, a pharmacy, a bakery/pastry shop, a gas station/convenience store, a café, etc.

Norwegian and Finnish:

Do not follow the GPS suggestion to exit via Saint-Jérôme. The best route is Autoroute 50 (Guy-Lafleur).

If there is a lot of traffic on autoroute 15, take autoroute 640 from the 13 or 15 and once on the 640, take exit 25 Arthur Sauvé and continue via Mirabel.

For the other chalets, Swiss Inn, Scandinave, Laurentides and Suédois :

Just follow your GPS and you’ll arrive safely!

If you’re staying at the Swiss Inn, Scandinavian, Swedish or Laurentides, here’s two maps of the 175 km marked Jack Rabbit trails:

Map 1
Map 2


Yes, the water quality of the lake is excellent, as it is fed by pure underground springs. It is perfect for swimming (A+).

Yes, fishing is allowed. There are many species of fish such as trout, catfish, bass, walleye, sunfish, etc.

Reservation & rental

It is always best to book as early as possible to secure your dates and guarantee your stay. We encourage you to think ahead.

When you initiate the reservation, you can see all the availabilities.

Yes, except in summer when cottages are rented by the week only (7 nights minimum). Some exceptions apply :

  • The Laurentides can be rented by the month or by the season, even in summer.
  • The Norwegian can be rented for less than 7 nights in summer.

You can reserve at any time via the page of the cottage you are interested in or directly in the page Our cottages. Just click on Book now!

Yes, of course, we are happy to allow you to visit before you rent. This is a unique feature that Chalet Wow is proud to offer, because we love people and we are proud of our “babies”! We put a lot of passion and dedication into the renovation and maintenance of our cottages.

You must make an appointment in advance and the cottages must be guest-free at the time of the visit.

You can cancel your stay one month in advance for major reasons such as: illness, serious accident or death. It is important to notify us as soon as possible so that we can reimburse the balance if necessary.

For COVID-19 reasons, if there is a government ban on the rental of a cottage, a refund or exchange may be granted. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Before or on arrival, you must provide a security deposit. This is required by the insurer in order to be protected in the event of vandalism, breakage or theft. It’s simply a pre-authorization by credit card (so there’s no charge), as is commonly done when renting hotels, cottages, vehicles, etc.

The amounts retained for each chalet are as follows:

  • Laurentian, Swedish and Scandinavian: $1000
  • Finnish: $1500
  • Norwegian and Swiss Inn: $2000

Please send the items below by SMS / TEXTO to the owner at the following number: 514-795-1722. This network is 100% protected/secure, unlike e-mail.

1) photo of credit card on both sides;
2) postal code linked to this card;
3) photo of your driver’s license on both sides.

You will then receive all the details and codes you need for your arrival.

If you are unable to pay the security deposit by credit card, you can also pay by Interac transfer.

We’re a local, family-run business that puts a lot of love into each and every one of our establishments. In fact, we consider each of our cottages to be our babies, which is why we invest so much love in them! ♥️

Over the years, we’ve built up a portfolio of properties in both Montreal and the Laurentides. We’ve been in operation for over 12 years. We don’t aim to rent, but rather to re-let, and to that end we have a loyal clientele who have supported us since the very beginning. That’s the key to our success!

We’re not perfect, far from it, but we’re constantly striving to improve in order to satisfy our customers.

We own 100% of each of our cottages. All our cottages are registered and licensed with the CITQ and the Office du tourisme.

Our place of business is here on Montreal’s North Shore. You can always talk to a human being!
You’re in good hands with us!

When it comes to vacation rentals, is your best guarantee of confidence and success!

Quebec Business Number (NEQ):
# 1177687788

General rules

Swedish, Laurentides, Finnish, Scandinavian cottages: 

Excessive outdoor noise is strictly forbidden. Neighbors could complain to the police, who could issue you a very expensive ticket or evict you immediately. It’s very important to respect the peace and quiet of the neighborhood and nature. Outdoor music is prohibited. If you make noise or wish to listen to music, you must go inside the cottage and close all doors and windows. If you are listening to music indoors, you must ensure that the sound level, including the bass, is not heard at the boundaries of the site. Be sure to turn down the bass level so that no resonance is heard at the property limits. 

Norwegian and Swiss-Inn cottages:

Because of their location, these cottages are ideal for parties, gatherings, events, celebrations and noisier activities. However, you must maintain a reasonable level of noise outside in the evening to respect other citizens. During the evening, outdoor music is prohibited. Excessive noise outside is strictly prohibited. Neighbors may complain to the police. It is very important to respect the quiet of the neighborhood and nature. If you make noise, you must go inside the cottage and close the windows.

In our designated driveways. Please advise your group not to park in front of the garbage cans or on the street to avoid towing fees or garbage collection fees.

Adult dogs over 12 months of age that are potty trained are accepted*. Dogs of dangerous breeds are strictly forbidden (Pitbull, Rottweiller, Mastif, Tosa, Malinois, etc). A complete and rigorous maintenance and disinfection will be carried out by our maintenance team.  

You must obtain written permission from us, in advance, before bringing a dog. 

Any other kind of animal is prohibited at the risk of a fine or expulsion. 

*For the Norwegian, ask us about the applicable specification.

You will be charged an extra fee or the security deposit may not be refunded in whole or in part as compensation.

At all times, clients must comply with current government regulations.

We maintain high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Everything is professionally cleaned. In addition, no room is carpeted. The mattresses are covered with a special anti-leak, anti-mite and anti-bedbug cover. The products we use respect the environment. Before and after each rental, our maintenance team proceeds to the disinfection phase according to the COVID-19 current protocol.

As a preventive measure, we regularly call in a senior extermination professional to ensure the highest standards of quality in our facilities.

Yes, there is a Rental Agreement that protects both parties. Although the clauses are fairly standard, we invite you to read it and ask us questions if necessary. View the Rental agreement

Of course!

We also offer the services of an experienced organizer free of charge for your events (corporate, weddings, birthdays, parties, associations, etc.).

Need more information?

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